Exploration Drill Support

Welcome to a new era of exploration, where the sky is not just a limit, but a gateway to untapped resources and boundless opportunities. At 49-1 Aerial, we are your premier partner in exploration drill support, offering a range of specialized services to facilitate your quest for discovery. Whether you’re embarking on mineral exploration, geological surveys, or resource development projects, we’re here to elevate your operations and maximize your success.


Helicopter-Mounted Exploration Drill Support

Experience unparalleled efficiency and agility with our helicopter-mounted exploration drill support services. Our fleet of advanced helicopters, equipped with precision drill rigs, enables rapid mobilization and access to even the most remote and challenging terrain. Whether you’re prospecting in rugged mountains, dense forests, or expansive deserts, our skilled crews and state-of-the-art equipment ensure seamless drilling operations and precise sample collection, accelerating your exploration efforts and minimizing downtime.

Geological Surveys and Reconnaissance

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your exploration area with our geological survey and reconnaissance services. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and aerial reconnaissance techniques, our helicopters provide unmatched vantage points for mapping, prospecting, and geological analysis. From identifying prospective mineral deposits to assessing terrain characteristics and geological formations, our aerial surveys empower you with valuable insights to inform your exploration strategy and target selection.

Logistical Support and Remote Access

Overcome logistical challenges and access remote exploration sites with ease through our logistical support services. Whether you require transportation of personnel, equipment, or supplies to remote campsites or exploration sites, our helicopters offer unmatched versatility and flexibility. With our extensive experience in remote operations and strategic partnerships, we ensure timely and efficient transportation, enabling you to focus on your exploration objectives without the constraints of logistical barriers.

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